Generative Art: From Handcraft to Digital

I have given a lecture and workshop about generative art, named “Generative Art: From Handcraft to Digital”, at Queens Museum on March 5th.  It’s a pretty new art form to most of people. I felt surprised that it was a well-attended event and covers almost age from seventeen to seventy people. I appreciate their passion for learning, curiosity and also be amazed by how fast they receive and digest new knowledges and skills.

  • Here are the lecture slides from me, I would like to share my lovely students:

  • Here are the code examples and other resources, I put on github website which is kinda the most convenient platform for downloading the code example.

Click the green bottom to download it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 17.08.03

  • Here are some events photos from Miao Jing and Judy:

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