NYSFERATU: Film & Writing Workshop – Week 3

This week’s NYSFERATU: Film & Writing Workshop at Queens Museum started with a conversation on the first two Acts of the film Nosferatu (1922) and a review of the characters we’ve encountered so far. We talked about Hutter’s journey to Count Orlok’s castle as well as the interaction between the two characters. After our discussion, we continued to screen Act 3 which was a very packed segment with lots of movements (both Hutter and Count Orlok are traveling to Wisborg), an introduction to a new character the Professor, as well as seeing Ellen and Knock. Inspired by a scene with Ellen receiving a letter from Hutter, participants drafted their own letters based on and addressed to characters from the film. There was a variety of letters written including a Captain’s Log. After the writing exercise, we screen Act 4 and discussed the plague as it is seen in the film as well as our own contemporary interpretation of the plague. We will discuss this theme further next week.

Text by: PJ Gubatina Policarpio


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