Mentoring program updates

I went with Juan To MoMa to brush and refresh myself with some inconceivable paintings. I am specially impress with the painting by Van Gogh , portrait of Joseph Roulin. How a masterpiece had been produced? Juan gave me all the support and I wish have the spirit, the vitality and perseverance.

Susan Lau


Here is an update of the projects from the New New Yorkers Mentoring Program .

In our third month, we have met several times now and see the progress of each project. Participants are getting deep inside their projects and realized their inner challenges ahead most important decisions they need to make.

We had the chance to meet in several venues. We visit the recently opened branch from NYPL at 53 st in Manhattan which it has ample room with tables to talk.
Two of the projects are writing based. They come from personal stories, rich in content and form. They are explorations into memories. Susan Lau continues working in her memories around the time she left Hong Kong to New York, trying to put on paper her perseverance and resilience towards life. Maria Canela on the other hand is writing a series of short stories of 7 woman, based on real stories, mixing as well her own memories of growing up and keys moments in her life. She is working on the main form of her book while continuing writing.
The other two projects currently in progress are a short documentary of a self-organized Tai chi group based in Flushing produced by Dominic Wong and a body work of mix media by Maritza Wu representing her experience and memories growing up in Colombia inside a Chinese family.
Dominic is now collecting oral stories, trying different ways of recording the Tai chi practice and mostly gaining the trust from the group.
Maritza Wu is developing six images, in a different medium. She is using watercolor, Korean ink, mixed media, photo transfer. She wants also to do serigraphy at some point.
Looking forward to seeing the progress of each project.

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