Susan Lao

New New Yorkers Mentoring Program

Last Saturday we gather with the group to catch up with their individual projects.  Each person had the opportunity to introduce themselves and introduce their work in progress.

Maritza Wu is starting editing a video piece that will go along the other part of the project that consists in drawings and paintings. She is been recording excerpt form her life in NY bringing up her multicultural upbringing.  She is experimenting with a portable camera that allows her to document her point of view in a more realistic way. She has been re-working her Spanish narration bringing her own voice and tone into her short video.

Dominic Wong is continuing interviewing his friends from Tai Chi group. While he is producing these interviews he is finding out the core of his story, the turns and curves of life, reflected in each individual practice. He is being focusing also in technical aspects of video recording in order to improve his interviewing skills. He is laying out a structure that allow him to tell the story of the Tai Chi group but also each individual path of life.  He is being realizing his own natural talent to engage in conversations with different people he encounters in New York.

Susan Lau has been working hard to write her memoirs from Hong Kong. As she said “it has not been easy to write about the past, sometimes it is very painful”. She completed her writing and she is now selecting some photos that will go along her writing. She will create a small e-book with her writing and photos to be share with her audience.

Maria Canela is continuing her writing project. Her stories are based on true events using Spanish as the main language. While she continuing writing she is going deeper into the core of the emotions involved.  She also is becoming more confident in the role of a creative writer. She has been writing from different perspectives within the same story.

Feature Image by Susan Lau from My Memoirs from Hong Kong

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