互動藝術設計 課程6 – Group Work

IMG_4508Students research subjects:

1.Information Mapping
*Famous People’s House and land marks (Chen)
*historical site (Olivia)
*Religion (Jillian)
*Food (Eco , Karen)
*Immigration (Francis)
*Landmark buildings , cemetery (Jones)
2. Treasure APP
*Children (Tung Lien)
*Adult (Diana & George)
*Drawing+Game (Louise)
3.Crowd So8urcing (Judy)
4. Design your own tour (Francis)


More info :

First of all, I hope you are very excited and proud of your work, as well as how far you’ve been since you first started!!!    (Has it been 6 weeks?)  I hope you are little by little discovering your inner artist soul!

Please remember to use the New New Yorker Blog and post your research, links under comments.

Show and Tell  – 

We will do a 5 minutes per group Show and Tell Session for the next workshop.

Please prepare your presentation with your own group, use your 5 minutes time limit,

and includes these followings :

1. What is this? ( Use Elevator Pitch)

2. What does it look like?  (Use a map, describe your characters, find reference images online )

3. how does it work? (Use images , flow charts, sketch, writings to describe your project)



* What is an Elevator pitch?  Go to wikipedia and find out!

* Check out this fun project by Harvard Business School  – Elevator Pitch

If you feel confident with your presentation skill, please take a look at this webpage:

How To Create Interactive IPad App Prototypes In 30 Minutes Using Keynote Or PowerPoint

* I use this Fluid UI, Its free!!  You will need a computer.


* Take a look at this fun project – Crow Sourcing

* Immigration explorer

Then as Now — New York’s Shifting Ethnic Mosaic (Jan 22, 2011)

* Share your immigration Story, What did you bring?


=============================================  Review



We saw this awesome project by my friend and an ITP/NYU alum, Zannah Marsh.

Awkward everywhere


5 thoughts on “互動藝術設計 課程6 – Group Work”

  1. Our project assigment:

    Title (What is this App):
    A personal tour guide to Panorama of the City of New York at Flushing Meadow Park, Queens, New York.

    Appearance (How this App look like):
    The ipg file of Tom standing on the Panorama. (This icon can be changed)

    Functions (What can be done):
    The App:
    1. Introduce the Panorama from the historical point and what it is about. See:
    2. Location map and travel by different transportation to the place. See:
    3. On-site tour guide by starting an initial set-up (gathering statistic of user, such as, preferred language, age, sex, where is from) and at each section of the tour is activated by QR code
    4. The App displays the map of the section which is activated by the QR code and the user can perform interactive action – Point a building/area and Click, to learn the NYC five boroughs.
    5. At the end of tour, the Treasure Hunt game asks the user to identify 6 randomly selected landmarks in NYC. The reward for the highest score will be recorded by date of the user’s name, where’s from, and comment as a permanent record in the App. All participates of the Treasure Hunt game will be able to print out something related to the Panorama as Souvenir.
    6. When exit the App, the Database has collected the following statistic data:
    User name, Language, Sex, Tourist/NYC Resident, Time log-on, Time exit, and Date
    The Time log-on and exit will tell the duration of time and the peak of the day of using the App

    Motivation (Why use this App):
    For children this App is easy access and fun to go through it and for adult visitors this App provides educational and pleasure experience – knowledge is Power

  2. We have seen the buildings, bridges and rivers. We have not seen the cultural spirit behind those tangible things.

    What is this: this is a spiritual App
    What does it look like? We will use a map, find reference images online.
    How does it work? We will use ppt. images , chart etc.

    To reach out to the visitors from all over the world to better understand the history and geography of Flushing, Queens where the Queens Museum is located.
    To understand the background of each ethnic group to appreciate the differences and to live in harmony.

    Jillian and Olivia

  3. 1. What is it?
    Food in New York Appl

    The easiest & simply to communicate with various people from different areas, countries, religious is Food.
    And It is common language.

    3.What is looking like?
    They are colorful, tasty, and various types.
    There are many kinds of home made, restraurants,recipts spreaded everywhere.

    4. Motivation
    “Food” is soften app. It is cultural,spiritual and historical material.
    It is able to mix human relatiomship. Such as eastern, western, southern and northern.
    Different whether area etc.

    I have started from Google Search

    Food by each Borough, Manhatten, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island
    by country such as American, Brazilian, Chinese,Deutch,Demark,English,,Franch, Holland, Irish,Greek,Rusissan,Korean,, Japanese, Jewish, India,Itatian, Maxican, Latino…..
    by tour trip of new york

    The following website as example

    Creating our maps to Hop-on Hop-off to discover the real New York
    – Foods of New York Tours from Queens Musium
    Starting from Flushing, Queens (Chinese Yellow Pages p.327) following Google Map-food
    near Queens, Bklyn, Bonx,Manhatten.St,Is.
    we can find a lot interesting places for eating and playing .

    In the QMA, we can design a program for foods, inviting different restaurants to show their skill to demostrate to communities, and different levels of schools in future cafeteria,
    Such as Queens botannic garden , they have nprograms to teach students, We can do too, such chinese dumpling, bun, korean kinsi, cool noodle, Japanese Susi, Mexican Taco, Italian Piza etc.

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