互動藝術設計 課程8 Project Development – Presentation Review

It is the last day of the App Development in Mandarin class and our students have been working hard on their projects. We have gathered much information to date and the need for supplemental information inside the Panorama exhibit keeps recurring. Students want to point their devices at the Panorama and learn new things about the areas they are pointing at.

“Takeaways” have also figured largly on all of the courses. Every one wants a souvenir from the exhibit. We have heard about printable foldout buildings, a green screen photo booth where you can take your picture and appear inside the Panorama, scavenger hunts, and many more.

Many thanks to Diana Chen, Echo Mei, Francis Lo, George Chen, Jillian Hsieh, Karen Wen, Louise Lear, Olivia Hsieh, Susan Yu, Tsae Jiaug Su, Tung Lien Tu, Vivica Lin, William Tse, Ying-Fang Hsu, YukChing Lai-Ng, Judy Chu, Jones Chao, Debra Chen for all their efforts!

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