“It’s about Us” – A New New Yorkers Exhibition at Queens Museum

Sunday, Dec.18 1:00 – 4:00 PM
New New Yorkers Art Opening Exhibit
“It’s about us!”
An Exhibition from The New New Yorkers Program at The Queens Museum
Queens Museum –  Partnership Gallery 2nd floor
December 18, 2016 – January 15, 2017.

The artists participated in a wide range workshops offered in 2016 including: Experimental Watercolor, Collective Storytelling, Photobook Storytelling, Drawing Sound, Basic Sculpture, Basic Digital Photography,Drawing Journal, Spanish for Mandarin Speakers, Advanced Silkscreen, and Design Thinking. These works reveal the diversity of visions, cultures, concerns and artistic approaches of our immigrant adult community that proves their tenacity to improve their life and build a new and better future in spite of adversity.

In partnership with the Queens Library, the Queens Museum’s New New Yorkers program offers free multilingual classes to meet the needs of adult immigrant communities in Queens. New New Yorkers offers adult immigrants the opportunity to interact closely with accomplished professional artists and engage with their innovative work, allowing them to broaden their horizons and learn valuable life skills through the arts.The program provides opportunities for personal creative expression through rigorous art courses, exhibitions, and participation in cultural festivals. It also supports student-led initiatives at the Queens Museum. Courses emphasize the arts, technology and English language acquisition, provided at no cost, in a variety of languages, most often Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean.


Printmaking Meets Ink Painting – Week 6

1.이번주에는 지난번에 시작한 고무판 파기 작업을 마무리하고 실제로 판화잉크를 묻혀 찍어보면서 세부를 다듬었습니다.
2. 판화의 경계부분이 수묵화와 서로 자연스럽게 연결될 수 있도록 해야 합니다.
3. 롤러에 잉크를 묻힐때에는, 얇게 펴진 잉크위에 롤러를 여러번 굴려서, 뭉친 부분이 없도록 물감을 고르게 묻혀야 합니다.

Week 6
1. Finished carving linoleum block and print with printmaking ink to see and touch up details.
2. Be mindful that border or each print block need to be blend in with ink painting that will be added later.
2. Watch out to spread printmaking ink out evenly on roller by rolling it on even surface of ink pad.


Photo Book Making Class in Mandarin; Final Session

A 8-week Photo Book Making Class in Mandarin taught by Pixy Liao just finished. The class focused on how to think photography in a book form and think about book as an art form. The students learned about how to edit photos for a book purpose and also basic techniques of book making. Each student finished their own hand-made photo books as the final project. On the graduation ceremony, the students showcased their books.