Art Hackers – Drew Blanke

Dates: Sunday, March 24, 2013
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

At: Queens Museum of Art


illumiringerArt Hackers; A Lecture Series

21st century art is largely characterized by artists redefining their practices, and turning to the public for inspiration. Out of this context many disciplines have intermingled including the Do It Yourself Movement, or DYI. This lecture series aims to familiarize the community with some of these contemporary trends, and most importantly, with the artists themselves. Come to this lecture series and meet these artists, and learn about their work.

Drew Blanke

Drew Blanke—a.k.a. Dr. Blankenstein—is a New York based hacker, inventor and music artist who makes electronic instruments out of everyday objects like toys, cards, repurposed electronics, and circuit bending. His inventions are both twisted and beautiful and are the perfect embodiment of the curiosity and inventiveness that drives hacker culture.

Mr. Blanke has a background in Audio Engineering, Video Editing and Jazz Composition. He has performed live around the country and is a house performer for “High Times” magazine.In 2012 he presented his Man Machine synthesizer to electronic music legends Kraftwerk at the Museum of Modern Art. New inventions such as the Illumiringer (which will be featured in this years World Maker Faire).

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